Anslem Kiefer

1.December – Anslem Kiefer

I grew up in Germany, where Anslem Kiefer‘s art is cherished and widely exhibited. So it’s hardly surprising, that he should be the first artist in my December art list. But Kiefer’s work to me, is much more than something I grew up with. His work represents in essence one of the main pillars of art: having something to say. Something important. Something that cannot be easily said in a conversation and something that should be remembered beyond one’s own personal time. So artists turn to the tools at their hands: music, paintings, prose, film, theatre, etc… to get the essence across.

Anslem Kiefer in his studio
In his studio, the sheer physical nature of Anslem Kiefer‘s work, is evident. Image credit: CBS News

Kiefer’s work is impressive. Massive. Dark. It can be materially and physically experienced. It makes an impact upon its viewers. You don’t need to like it or think it beautiful, but you will be touched when in the presence of his work!

Most of Kiefer’s paintings involve sculptural 3D elements and go beyond what is normally considered ‘painting’. And it was this fact, that first drew me to the work of this artist from the Black Forest. His visual language is unique and quite overwhelming. There is emotion. Pain. Brutality. War. Suffering. Hopelessness. But there is also Love. And Beauty. And there is hope. The hope that something new must – and will – evolve, no matter how massive and devastating the destruction. The phoenix will rise from the ashes.

But more about that tomorrow… 2.December (stay tuned!)

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