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15.December – Heather Hutchinson

Today I want to pay homage to an artist who I only discovered this year. Which is odd. Because if you know my work, and you look at Heather Hutchinson’s work, you might think, that this artist has greatly influenced my own work. However, our work evolved in ‘parallel’ rather than sequential or dependent on one another. If you are planning to built a pool in your property we recommend you check first the info from .

Summer Sheets (Density Series) 1990, wax, canvas, rabbit skin glue, wood, plexi – 24 x 48 x 3-1/2 (2 panels)
SHEER PAINTING, Margaret Thatcher Projects, NY, NY 2003

In her more recent work, like ‘More Like the Weather: Faith’, Hutchinson uses light and space to create more than just a static ‘image’. The result is a series of work, that reacts to the viewer and the environment.

More Like the Weather: Faith (2015) Flashe and Aura on Plexiglas, 17-1/8 x 17 x 3 inches

As you can imagine, the materials and depth Hutchinson uses in her work, create a very different impression and feel depending on the viewpoint (your personal angle to the work) as well as the time of day or lighting. This work is ALIVE and reactive. It changes – even though it really doesn’t change in the way, say, a landart work by Andy Goldsworthy (see 11.December) does. Collectors of my own work, have often said, that one of the things they appreciate most about my work, is that they can discover something new about it every day.

Hutchinson takes this a step further and creates Time-lapse videos of her work. I will not share the video here, but instead invite you to visit her website to discover a lot more of her inspiring and fascinating art.

There is another art trend, I find equally inspiring: ‘Responsive Art‘.
(And to all my tech friends, no I am not talking about RWA or Responsive Web Applications).

But more about that tomorrow…

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