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Amplexity joins SLO Hothouse

We are proud to announce that Amplexity has joined the San Luis Obispo Hothouse. Located in the downtown area of beautiful San Luis Obispo, the SLO Hothouse is a relatively new venture connecting the dots between Cal Poly talent, state and federal funding programs and local entrepreneurs and business experts. This unique collaboration has resulted in a space that has the atmosphere of an art studio, the brain power of a think-tank and the enthusiasm and discipline of an olympic athlete. We can’t wait to dive in.

What is the SLO HotHouse?

The San Luis Obispo HotHouse seeks to attract and support the most vibrant talent and promising innovators and entrepreneurs in an effort to build a unique and passionate startup culture in San Luis Obispo.

This new community space has been created through the efforts of Cal Poly, the San Luis Obispo Community, and the Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The goal of the SLO HotHouse is to support students and community members alike as they work to create new innovations and start business ventures.

Facebook’s donation feature for Non-Profit organizations

On December 15th, Facebook announced a new feature for Non-Profit organizations. Although this feature is potentially big news for Non-Profits, it received little attention and few implementations. This is partially because Facebook has not yet released it to all and is currently only working with a select group of companies to test out the new feature.

When people click “Donate Now” they can choose the amount, enter their payment information, and immediately donate to that cause. They also have the option to share the nonprofit’s post with their friends.

donate_3This new feature has huge potential for Non-Profits for a number of reasons:

  1. Facebook is a great tool for Non-Profits already and building it out to do more just makes plain good sense.
  2. Offering your Facebook ‘Fans’ a way to donate right there and then will increase your donations.
  3. Once someone has donated, they are likely to share the fact with friends (often this type of sharing is integrated into third party donation services too, but it takes extra steps)

So, if you run a Non-Profit, be sure to enroll in Facebooks new service, so you too can benefit from this new feature. Here is a direct link to fill out the form, or you can work with Amplexity to register you and start get your Facebook page working for you.


Designers, photographers, architects, artists… – listen up! LinkedIN just added the ability to upload your artwork into a Portfolio. It’s really easy to do, works much like uploading artwork to Facebook, and will increase the value of your public profile.

LinkedIN Portfolio

Just an example of how the portfolio looks on a linkedIN profile.

If you are a designer or artist or architect, this is a fantastic way to put LinkedIN to work for yourself. With more and more professional trawling the LinkedIN network, it is the number one place where potential clients, recruiters and colleagues can find you.

Check it out here

iStock now offers Moodboards

the canvas for your creative discovery

If you’re looking to put together some ideas, much like one might on Pinterest, with images that you can actually then use in your design (because they are for sale), then you will love iStock’s new ‘Mood Board’. You can save it, download it and share it to spread the visual love (or whatever mood you’ve created).


Check it out at:
iStock Moodboard. Then share your board with us here!

Facebook Switch to Like

Facebook ‘Switch to Like’ Issue

Facebook Switch to LikeIn this article we show how being logged in as a page admin can mess up all your ‘Like’ buttons and what to do about it.

Where does this ‘Switch’ come from?

With well over 50 Million FaceBook ‘Pages’ there is likely an equal number of Page Admins out there (although unfortunately no exact figures have been released). If you are an admin of a FaceBook page, either your own or a business page, then you have the option to ‘use Facebook’ as that ‘page’ or ‘person’.

Use Facebook as...If you select to use Facebook as a page admin, you will post as that person or rather page, and your Facebook experience changes, as you now see things ‘through the eyes’ of that person/page. For example, if you post an update to the page timeline while logged in as that page’s admin, it will not only appear on the page’s timeline, but also be pushed out as an update to the pages’ fans. However, if you post an update to the page when you’re logged in as yourself, your update will merely show up on the pages timeline. It will NOT be pushed out as an update to the page’s fans.

But there are other differences too, for example, if I’m signed in to use Facebook as the page admin for my daughter’s school, then I can no longer like articles. While at first this may seem ‘unfair’ or ‘broken’ it actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Facebook treats it’s users as people, pages are not people and thus do not have the ‘right’ to like or ‘vote’ – and when you’re signed in as a page admin, Facebook sees you as a ‘page’.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Because page admins CAN like other pages, you just can’t like outside Facebook content, such as articles, that have the facebook share button.

While you can share an update on your page’s timeline by copying and pasting a link to an article, you can NOT click on the common FB ‘Like’ button that many of these articles offer. You have to ‘Switch’.
Forbes site showing the Facebook Switch button, obscuring content
What the ‘Switch’ means to website owners and developers
This is confusing and not very consistent, but the real problem for publishes is that this ‘Switch’ promt that Facebook pushes out through it’s Open Graph technology, breaks websites all over the web. Countless major websites are effected by this ‘bug’, e.g. Forbes, c|Net, SearchEngine Journal, SlideShare, dot Net Magazine, Tech Radar, Webdesigner Depot, to name just a few!

While for the user the solution is extremely simple – they just need to click on the ‘Switch’ promt – the owners of the websites where this button breaks the content are stuck with a problem. Their content can be obscured or blocked by this ‘Switch’ promt.

Facebook Like Button Tool
The Problem Explained
Like BOX vs Like BUTTON

The ‘Like Box‘ is aimed to help you drive ‘likes’ to your facebook page, while the ‘Like Button‘ is aimed to help you drive ‘likes’ for any other webpage. Facebook provides tools for you to generate snippets for both.

These tools offer you several options, and these options are different for the Box compared to the Button.

Facebook Like BOXIn the Like Box you can display your Facebook page’s steam, faces, etc… Clearly, to allow room for this, you need to set a taller height. If you do not set a height, Facebook will use the defaults based on your selections. E.g. if you select ‘Stream’ and ‘Faces’ the default will be 590px height and 300px width. Now, this will look fine if you have allocated that room on your website, but if not, it will interfere with your layout.

If you are logged in as a page admin, the space is still held, yet the button is only 60px x 45px.

The Facebook Like Button tool can also be used to drive likes to your facebook page, but it does not intergrate and pull streams or other likes from your page. This button is simpler and the issues are consequently slightly less daunting. However, if you use the Facebook Like Button HTML5 implementation – which is the first in the snippet option – and your user happens to be logged in as a page admin, the functionality is set to produce the ‘Switch’ promt in – wait – an iFrame. This iFame has a white background and is bigger .

Facebook Like BOX CodeTo summarize:

Similarly, if you use the Facebook iFrame code snippet to begin with, Facebook adds a height and width setting, even if you did not set on in your settings. These will now cut off the Switch button display, because Facebook has not allowed for the possibility that users are logged in as page admins and see this button instead of the normal button.

While you will still see the ‘Switch’ promt if you’re logged in to Facebook as a page admin and the website uses Facebooks own generator, avoiding the Facebook integration on your website to break your layout is an easy fix.

We sincerely hope that Facebook will soon change this functionality, because it gives users a poor website experience and developer a headache to fix. Ideally we would like to see Facebook integrate the Switch functionliaty off page in a popup/lightbox. I.e. the like button remains the same, but users who are logged in as page admins, are promted to Switch after they click the button in a popup, and then returned immediately to the page.

[button link=”/contact-us” size=”large” variation=”steelblue” bgColor=”#232323″ textColor=”#ccc” align=”left”]Contact Us[/button]If you know HTML – you now have all the knowledge you need to fix this issue on your website. However, if you don’t know HTML, or you’re still confused, or you’re just hoping to have someone else come in and fix this bug for you, then you now know where to find the right experts!

complex networks

We are Amplexity

We are Amplexity. Two parts digital expertise, one part transparent business enthusiasts. We combine the best in experience and aptitude with creative data analysis that helps increase the performance of your online assets.

Your website, social media and other digital assets should work as hard as you do to make your business succeed. These assets are providing you with valuable in-depth business intelligence and insights into the trends and workings of your business. Collecting a lot of data is only part of the equation, but knowing how to read and interpret through this sometimes daunting digital landscape can be overwhelming to the non-initiated. Understanding your user generated data in a meaningful way will make for smarter, more accurate decision making both online and off.

What if you could work with a company that would make your website do more, sell more, connect more simply and effectively without the jargon, tech-laden language and complicated, undefined processes?

Let us help you harness the power of your data to find out who your customers are, what they want and how to get them to buy your products and services. Strong know-how in development, design and copywriting allow us create a digital strategy that is customized just for your business and its unique needs. By measuring your online efforts, we can create a plan to that is designed to help achieve sustainable online growth through data-driven, measurable online marketing and optimization efforts.

Our team is comprised of professionals with top-notch international agency experience and an approachable ego-free, transparent work style. We can get your digital strategy inline with your overall business goals with simple, attainable changes that get results.

Whether you are starting out with a digital strategy or wanting to optimize your website through conversion testing, let’s talk and find out how we can help.