Facebook’s donation feature for Non-Profit organizations

On December 15th, Facebook announced a new feature for Non-Profit organizations. Although this feature is potentially big news for Non-Profits, it received little attention and few implementations. This is partially because Facebook has not yet released it to all and is currently only working with a select group of companies to test out the new feature.

When people click “Donate Now” they can choose the amount, enter their payment information, and immediately donate to that cause. They also have the option to share the nonprofit’s post with their friends.

donate_3This new feature has huge potential for Non-Profits for a number of reasons:

  1. Facebook is a great tool for Non-Profits already and building it out to do more just makes plain good sense.
  2. Offering your Facebook ‘Fans’ a way to donate right there and then will increase your donations.
  3. Once someone has donated, they are likely to share the fact with friends (often this type of sharing is integrated into third party donation services too, but it takes extra steps)

So, if you run a Non-Profit, be sure to enroll in Facebooks new service, so you too can benefit from this new feature. Here is a direct link to fill out the form, or you can work with Amplexity to register you and start get your Facebook page working for you.


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