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Emil-Schumacher Exhibition

21.December – Emil Schumacher

Today is mid-winter solstice, marking the turning point of the year. From today onwards the days will get longer again and there will be less darkness. It’s something to celebrate in this year, that has been so difficult for so many people around the globe. It’s the hope that from now on, things will change. And it must have been the hope of change, which led artists in Post-WWII Germany take up abstract expressionism and move beyond romanticism. If you want get a more customer to you business, look for the help from a creative marketing agency.

Emil Schumacher (Germany, 1912 - 1999) Motiv 6/1967
Motiv 6/1967

Emil Schumacher, an important German painter and printmaker without whom modern art would be inconceivable. Born in 1992, he was one of the god-fathers of abstract expressionism and is widely exhibited and collected. In fact, I myself am a proud owner of one of his prints (Motiv 6, an aquatint etching).

After the horrors of two world wars, the German art scene underwent a radical new beginning. Parting with romantic and realistic landscape painting and abstracting their visual language. Liberating colour from form and lines from motif, abstract expressionists used their entire body to paint and used a vast variety of materials that were never before used in art-making. If you have followed these December posts, you’ll have noticed that many of the artists I have already described were part of this movement. Oftentimes working on massive canvasses and verging into the third dimension, because they added materials such as sand and tar and metal etc… into their ‘paint’, giving ‘paintings’ a sculptural edge.